Fee for service

What you can expect to pay for advice.

Helping our clients to achieve financial independence is as much about providing them with the right advice as it is about delivering a service that represents great value.

For this reason, we adopt a ‘fee for service’ structure, which means you only pay for the things you need. All services are quoted up-front and in a transparent manner so you can say goodbye to any surprises.

At what point will a fee apply?

1. Getting to know us.

Your first appointment is provided at our cost. Why? Because we don’t believe there should be a charge for you getting to know us, and we you. The priority at this point is simply to find out what’s important to you and how we can help you to achieve your goals.

2. Getting started.

If you’d like us to proceed with putting together your personal plan, this will involve a fee and we’ll provide you with a quote before commencing any work. This will be dependent on the nature of the advice you require, your individual circumstance and hence the time involved in establishing your plan.

3. Staying on track.

We don’t believe in a ‘set and forget’ strategy. Depending on the complexity of your plan and the level of ‘hands-on’ support you require we’ll charge you an annual fee to ensure things stay on track and that you can continue to adapt as life changes.

For further information with regards to how we charge for our services, please refer to our Financial Services Guide below.

Future, meet insight.

Future, meet insight.