Our story

Much has happened since we established Praescius back in 2004. The world has evolved at the fastest pace seen since the Industrial Revolution and that has meant we have had to be consistently ready to innovate and respond to increasing complexities and emerging opportunities so that our clients can plan for their future with confidence.

Praescius is Latin for ‘having forethought’ or was we like to think of it, planning to know in advance. That’s what we do, we help others to plan for their future today. So while Praescius might seem somewhat of an obscure name, the meaning behind it continues to be central to the work we do.

Yet our story moves beyond this alone and it’s why we do what we do, why we assist people just like you, that’s most important.

For us, Praescius is about people and knowledge working together for you; our insights providing you with the framework to make good decisions. Our experience has taught us that great results are not only driven by ongoing innovation but most importantly ensuring our client’s goals remain front and center – in the conversations that we have and the strategies we use.

We often describe ourselves as the ‘likeable experts’ – something we know can be hard to subscribe to in the financial services – and continue to pride ourselves on being proficient and informed while remaining down-to-earth and unassuming.

We are always prepared to have a laugh, while staying focused on our endeavor and we continue to question, seek and find with unwavering focus. We’re interested in life, not fancy suits. We’re interested in your future, not transactions. And we’re real people, who seek to establish genuine and meaningful connections with real people just like you.

Future, meet insight.

Future, meet insight.